The Great Trump deception

The „hidden eye“ freemason symbol. This picture is taken from Q-post 4095

Make no mistake, Trump is a freemason and a puppet to the wealthy elites and to Israel and was chosen by his masters to trick the American population into the NWO, the ultimate dictatorship.

Trump has done nothing for the people in 4 years! Literally nothing!

The economy boom was a smokescreen, backed by the FED with hundreds of billions of dollars every 2 or 3 months.

He knew about the virus-scam long before everybody else and that it would destroy the economy but lied to the people about it.

He was a placeholder for 4 years to get 5G, vaccine- and the surveillance programme ready. He had no other purpose but to follow the orders of his Israeli masters – that he did well, of course!

The deception

The Trump deception

Trump is in the hand of the Jewish Mafia for a long time

Trump: „Wikileaks“

Trump’s opinion about wikileaks now and then …

Trump: „Vaccines“

Before he became President …

Example 1

… and during and after his Presidency

Example 2

Audio: Example 3
Example 4

Trump: „Bitcoin“

Donald Trump has either no clue about bitcoin or he follows instructions of the Rothschild’s FED.

BITCOIN is the only cryptocurrency which CAN NOT BE MANIPULATED because it is opensource, transparent and most important, it is decentralized unlike all other cryptocurrencies including the ‚Digital Dollar‘ that Trump is advertising now (although it is cryptocurrency!).

Bitcoin would hurt the elites a lot because they wouldn’t be able to make their dirty deals, hence they are against it.

Trump: „Gun control“

Trump’s attitude on the ‚2nd AMENDMENT‘ then.

Listen closely to the last sentence: „AS LONG AS I am President …“ – and afterwards?🤔

… Trump about ‚Gun Control‘ now! By the way, Pence, the „Christian Zionist“ said at this meeting he would confiscate ANY weapon one could use as a weapon.

Trump and Zionism

„We’re gonna protect Israel 100%!“


Mike Pence deleted this tweet soon after he posted it.

Ivanka Trump aka Yael Kushner – The lockdown was 2 months later

Brave New World
Q-posting in Nov 2018

Jared Kushner


Jared Kushner – the gangster in the White House
Kushner’s Team Seeks Nat’l COVID-19 Surveillance System

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