We need an alternative economic system (updated) …

… which is already around! To fight the centralized zionist money-system, we have to develope a whole alternative economic system based on BITCOIN.

As you may know, Bitcoin is around since about 2008 and it was never advertised by the governments for a good reason.

Click on the link below (GAB socialmedia). It is a brief description what BITCOIN is and how it works.

It is open-source, DEZENTRALIZED and at the same time there is no way to manipulate it – reasons which the zionist elite and their puppets don’t like because they would lose control over money and people.

John D. Rockefeller – who controls the money, controls the system

It is false propaganda spread by stooge Trump and his jewish masters that Bitcoin is allegedly helping criminals to shift or hide illegal money. The opposite is true because every transaction can be traced (what the Rothschilds and Co would not want I suppose, because they are the real criminals).

And because it is decentralized nobody can cut you off from buying and selling because nobody else (not a jewish credit-card corporation or even the governments) has access to your banking account but you. You are your own bank.

Study a book for newbies about Bitcoin and how it works.

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