Secret operation in 2014: WHO and Unicef wanted to sterilize millions of women

November 13, 2014

Kenya, Nairobi: WHO and UNICEF wanted to secretly forcibly sterilize more than two million women in Kenya without the affected women knowing anything about it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the alleged children’s relief organization UNICEF pushed an anti-tetanus program in the East African country. Under the pretext of protecting women against the infectious disease tetanus, the vaccine was actually intended to sterilize them.

The Catholic Church in Kenya, together with doctors, exposed the WHO and UNICEF mega-population scandal. The Western media remained silent about the „harmless“ barbaric vaccination that was intended to deprive millions of women of the possibility of becoming pregnant without their knowledge.

Catholic doctors and bishops stop UN colonialism

„We showed Parliament the real contents of the vaccine, which was disguised as anti-tetanus prevention. As a result, the vaccination program was stopped. The women were saved,“ said Stephen Karanja, president of the East African country’s Catholic Medical Association.

The Kenyan government was forced to halt the vaccination program. 2.3 million women between the ages of 14 and 49 were supposed to participate in the vaccination program.

Last April, the Catholic Medical Association and the Kenya Bishops Conference sounded the alarm. Doctors became suspicious of the strange procedure and the lack of an acute tetanus threat. So samples of the vaccine were analyzed.

WHO and Unicef paid – government looked the other way

The Kenyan Ministry of Health was immediately informed. However, they did not want to hear anything about it. The vaccine was safe. WHO and Unicef would guarantee it. Above all, the whole vaccination campaign was financed by the two international institutions, while the government wanted to boast that it was taking care of the health of its citizens.

Five vaccinations per woman were planned. One million women had already been vaccinated three times before the program was brought to a halt. Another 1.3 million would have been added in the next six months. The bishops‘ conference and doctors‘ association then appealed to Parliament, which scheduled a hearing before the relevant health committee.

There, the fourth and fifth vaccinations were prevented. „In view of the scientific facts, no more persuasion was needed. The deputies had everything in front of them in black and white. They were downright shocked. Their own wives could be among them. The women MPs themselves,“ said Stephen Karanja.

„Worst colonialism not as bad as this barbarism“

One MP said, „Given these facts, is there any doubt who is lying?“ There is outrage because the MPs feel they are being treated by the international community as sub-humans to be disposed of and grown at will without any notice. One MP told Stephen Karanja afterwards, „The worst colonialism was not as bad as this barbarism.“

Vaccines can now only be used after being controlled by the government and medical associations.

„Fortunately, the women are all saved. For sterilization to be effective, all five vaccinations would have had to be given. That was prevented. I don’t even dare to think what would have happened otherwise,“ said Stephen Karanja.

The Secretary General of the Kenya Bishops‘ Conference also attended the parliamentary hearing. He explained the disastrous social consequences of the secret forced sterilization program. He said that population policy was being pursued on the backs of Kenyans without their knowledge, and that a lot of money was being spent on this, while the really deadly diseases such as malaria and AIDS were being ignored. „Which ‚children’s aid organization‘ is helping to prevent children from being born in the first place?“ criticized Unicef, the secretary general.

Vaccinations were carried out by UN staff – First trials as early as 1972 and 1992

„We became suspicious because there was no tetanus emergency. Then we asked ourselves: why do they vaccinate only the women between 14 and 49 years? And why so secretive? Why were UN staff assigned to do the vaccinations and not health facilities, doctors and nurses in the country?“ recounts Stephen Karanja.

Moreover, the Catholic Church in Kenya knows that the WHO should not be trusted blindly. Already in 1972 and 1992, the WHO had attempted mass sterilizations with a large-scale program. Both times the actions had been camouflaged, as now also in 2014. The same secret programs for fertility destruction were carried out in the 1990s by the UN in the Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua. The „sponsors“ were always WHO and UNICEF.

The vaccine contains human chorionic gonadotropin beta-hCG. This peptide hormone is formed in the human placenta during pregnancy. When given to a non-pregnant woman combined with the tetanic toxoid, it produces antibodies against tetanus but also against hCG, rendering the woman infertile.

„The first vaccination in Kenya was last March. By April, we had tested different samples. When the results were in, we informed the government that same month, and they didn’t respond.“ In October, WHO began encouraging all women of fertile age in 16 provinces to be vaccinated. Recruitment was done through government facilities.

WHO wanted to go through quietly to avoid church opposition

In 1992, the last time WHO wanted to carry out a secret mass sterilization drive, it was still the government of the day that resisted. Sam Ongeri, the health minister at the time, trusted the church, which is the government’s main Kenyan partner in health care. Forty percent of Kenya’s total health care is provided by the Catholic Church. This explains the implementation of the vaccination campaign bypassing Kenyan facilities. WHO is aware of the Catholic Church’s opposition and wanted to bypass the Catholic health system.

In 2014, the current Minister of Health sided with the WHO. The reasons for this behavior are still unclear.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi

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