The NWO does not mean peace but a permanent war on the people (update)

[Note: I summed my early thoughts up in this article to improve the overview.]



of the Zionist elites is the reduction of the world population and the enslavement of the rest. They and their allies have been instigating wars around the world for centuries in order to be able to establish their world dictatorship.

The Georgia Guidestones, USA

How to achieve a reduction of the world population to 500 millions? (and why they would nevertheless flood Europe with immigrants which had no population increase at all, shows that these people also have other things up their sleeve!)

It is possible to do so only with the help of injections – so-called „vaccinations“. The fairy tale of viruses is used as a pretext to panic the society.


NO HUMAN being needs a vaccine in his life! Humans are born with all the abilities they need in life. Get rid of this brainwashing that is spread 24 hours a day in – Jew controlled – media.

The virus theory was a criminal fraud from the beginning, committed by doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and politicians. It is all about money, power and control.

Corrupt medical doctors invent new fantasy names for viruses every few years to make money and keep people in fear and under control.

Natural diseases have other causes, but most diseases are deliberately, through biological and chemical warfare, released against us.

We are the enemy image in the eyes of the wealthy.

WHY does the government want to vaccinate everyone at the same time if possible?


– to control people
– to make people sick
– to sterilize women
– to kill people (depopulation)

In 2009 the plot didn’t work yet

although proper pressure was already put on it, but meanwhile any opposition seems to be eliminated and all decisive positions are occupied by UN sleepers.

When a corrupt government imposes such measures under threat of punishment, it must be removed with haste, and it must be removed by the executive branch or by the people themselves. Instead, the police carry out the orders of the Zionist mafia.

Those who think they can escape genocide by special cooperative behavior are 100% WRONG!

Politicians are fighting for their existence, so since the beginning of 2015 they have been behaving either hysterically, intimidatingly or threateningly.

They don’t care about us completely. The individual has only ever been important to you when it came to their own hold on power. They are now stabbing the population in the back – that must never be forgotten! So much to civil courage, of which they always speak only, if OTHERS are expected to show it.

If the Elite give orders, these people dance to their tunes and work as their agitators, hoping they are being allowed to serve as slaves for them in the future.

The tactics of the Jewish mafia has never really changed

They are telling the opposite of what is true or – blame something on someone else for which they themselves are actually responsible.

WHY do these Jews act this way?

The Jew has no homeland, except a stolen one. He is not what he claims to be. In general, he has a morbid, envious, power- and money-hungry nature.

He is a parasite and feels comfortable only when he can exploit other peoples, oppress them, torture them, make them sick, keep them small, separate them from each other, destroy them – as he has been doing for thousands of years. That is fact and proofs to it there are enough!

Unfortunately, the Rothschilds – who have scammed their wealth – in connection with other rich Jewish families and non-Jewish traitors alike, have managed by

– BRIBARY and/or
– THREAT to life and limb,

to infiltrate into society to such an extent that there is hardly resistance anymore.

Another step of Genocide

The most important and first target of the destruction was and is the „White Society Of European Descent (worldwide)“, for economic and religious reasons.

Genozide always only happens in Communism, but never in the „evil“ National Socialism, so don’t use the term „nazi“ for what is happening because it is in the nature of Communism to exterminate the own people. National Socialism neither did so, nor treated other peoples this way unlike the jews claim.

German school class in 1970 and in 2011

What many Africans and Muslims do not know is that they are only a tool in the hands of the Zionists. Once the, 8-9% whites are destroyed worldwide, there will be a big clean up because the elites will only tolerate a few 100 million people.

The elites will create huge free spaces for themselves, which only THEY can use without restrictions. The people, who are still needed, will be locked up in the cities and will be under permanent surveillance.

No step, no purchase, no decision will remain unobserved. Spontaneous excursions into nature will no longer be possible. Spontaneous travel will no longer be possible.

It cannot be a financial reset only, because that would not require repression against the people. This could have been done step by step by introducing a decentralized currency, abolishing the central banks and thus disempowering the Rothschilds. Everyone would be his own central bank and the „City of London“ (Rothschild) could pack up.

Without propaganda and brainwashing, life would be as it was in 2019

But no propaganda, however intelligently designed, can conceal lies in the long run. After some time, there are always some contradictions, which then have to be concealed with new propaganda.

Truth explains itself – there are no contradictions. The lie needs a whole industry of people, who must lead up people again and again anew. The Jews have their professional fact twisters, who understand themselves in holding the mass of the population on propaganda line.

The Jews wrap truths in lies and vice versa

for example, they are:

– not philanthropists, but misanthropists

– when they talk about peace, they mean war

– when they talk about the protection of the environment, they destroy it at the same moment

– when they talk about the „Brave New World“, they mean slavery

– when they speak about to bring democracy to peoples, they mean chaos

– if they wanted to accuse others of a holocaust, they carried one out at the same moment, etc.


If governments need coercion and repression to impose a ‚Brave New World‘, then it cannot be a brave world.

For decades the elites have been working towards a NWO, by:

– Lowering educational standards

– early indoctrination of children

– worldwide synchronized media

– restriction of freedom

– destruction or alteration of the environment, climate and food, only to be offered the solution afterwards (by the same people!)

– destruction of social and cultural unity by means of massive immigration of violent, aggressive people from countries hostile to Christianity

– abolition of borders and nations to create a unified race (except for the elites and their helpers

– centralized banks worldwide

– bribery of heads in politics, medicine and business

– infiltration of judiciary, executive and various organizations to transform them into tools against their own people

– creation of a uniform language in order to erase local color

– Mixing and ultimately dissolving all religions, waging wars and much more.

Whoever stands in the way of the NWO-Zionists and their puppets will become a target! Refusers are being blocked from the access to funds or credit cards.

Who wants to buy, sell or work, must be able to show an electronic injection pass – who wants to travel, likewise. All will be under constant total control.

Cash and decentralized money, like Bitcoin, will be banned.

Food will only be distributed by large corporations to their contractual partners, because you can also make people sick via food.

All of this will be constantly directed, controlled and monitored by the UN or the CFR and the World Bank.

The mix of technocratic, oligarchic and plutocratic dictatorship will be extended step by step. Internet censorship will eventually operate on a second-by-second basis and will then be 100% total. Anti-Zionist and truthful websites like this one will be deleted in the not too distant future.

Individuals who turn out to be particularly submissive servants of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s will be given privileges to educate them to be submissive servants.



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