Dr. Stefan Lanka about the virus-fraud and it’s history (improved subtitles)

Dr. Stefan Lanka

In 2009 the heads of the zionist elites and their puppets made a serious effort to instigate a worldwide turmoil by using the phony „Swine-Flu“ as an ignition spark. They failed.

Dr. Stefan Lanka explains in this presentation from 2009 when and how the whole fraud started. He talks about the history in medical fraud, explains technical details, makes accurate predictions and warns about the consequences.

This very important presentation comes in 3 parts with english subtitles.

I improved the layout and the translation of the second and third part of the presentation – the first part did someone else. I apologize for grammatical and other errors🙃

Virus theory (2009) – part 1

Virus theory (2009) – part 2

Virus theory (2009) – part 3

Further information is available in the following interview (pdf) from July 2020 wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/die-wurzel-interview-englisch.pdf

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