Document by the Australian Government -Vaccine a poison (+comment🤔)

Screenshot of the document – I tried to download it but it is not available anymore

My Comment: „Their Strategy“

Around the first „vaccination“, which is probably a diversion, a giant theater is made – intentionally – to lull the people into security.

It is to be seized first a statistics, in order to judge and sort out the people after certain criteria. With the following vaccination actions, in my opinion, the „philanthropists“ will initiate the actual depopulation and sterilization (that is and remains their goal!).

The first new event always remains in the memory. Think of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima is THE symbol for the A-bomb, although Nagasaki, as the Christian center of Japan, was the real target.

It will be the same with the „vaccination“. Only from the second injection it will become serious. PREPARE YOURSELVES!

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