Ex-KGB Agent explains „Tactics of Subversion“ (1984, video – 5 min)

Yuri Bezmenov (†1993)

  • Yuri Bezmenov was born in 1939 near Moscow, Russia. His was a son to a high ranking Soviet officer.
  • Yuri studied at Moscow University, a KGB-controlled institution. Here Yuri took an interest in the culture of India and began studying Asian languages.
  • After graduating Yuri was stationed in India as a translator since his education had been in Asian languages and his expertise was in India.
  • Yuri came back to Moscow and started working as an RIA Novasti journalist. RIA Novasti is the Soviet propaganda arm of Soviet media. He was then reassigned back to India as a KGB public relations officer. This is where he was introduced to Soviet subversion tactics.
  • These kind of warfare tactics became the focus of Yuri’s anti-Soviet lectures and writings in the 1980’s in America after Yuri fled to Canada.

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