The silent war


It is a SILENT WAR against the world population, ordered by the Jewish banking elite (Zionists), supported by many of their helpers, stooges and puppets all over the world – the ENEMY WITHIN.

They sit in important places in politics, economy, military, science, media, education, judiciary, executive, etc. and they make sure that there is as far as possible no deviation from the intended route.

The Zionists want to create a New World Order according to their ideas, from which no one benefits except themselves. They want a world where the FEW rule OVER the MANY. The few will then have every opportunity to create laws to their advantage. They will create unprecedented privileges for themselves, while the majority of the population – or the part that will then be tolerated – will find themselves in total surveillance in limited, allotted space, that is, ENTIRE CONTROL from birth to death.

The Jews turn truth into a lie, make good bad, declare absurdity as normality, in short, they turn with INTENT everything into the OPPOSITE – not because they themselves believe in it – but to destroy the social structures around them, in order to be able to govern themselves.

It will be a very „flat“ life, a life that will be paved with rules, regulations, prohibitions, commandments, constant control in ALL areas of life down to the smallest detail. Even IF it appears to be a free life – it will not be.

Surveillance will always be active, through eyes, electronic devices, optical cameras, thermal imaging cameras, phones, credit cards, sensors in clothes and shoes, maybe even in the body, so that even without a phone in the future EVERYONE can be located with 5G technology at any time.

Not Germany was the enemy of the peoples in WW1 and WW2, but the international JEWRY- the ENEMY OF ALL NATIONS (not recognized by many to this day). Who does not believe me, look at my articles, there are some that speak for themselves. It is the Germans and the White people in general that the Jew fears.

Americans, Englishmen and Frenchmen have died for Israel and for a totalitarian world system. Neither the USA nor England have won the war! The opposite is true! With the defeat of Germany they have sealed their own destruction – only the Jewish elite has won!

ALL wars, starting from the French Revolution, were provoked and directed exclusively by Jews to gain their world order. Although it is so simple to understand, hardly anyone knows this. Why? Because the MEDIA is completely IN JEWISH HAND. Completely! For almost 100 years!

Just because someone is a medic, wears a lawyer’s robe or is working for the government, does not mean that he cannot be a fraud. Why do the police, the judiciary, the politicians wear a muzzle (mask)? Because it is considered the PROPERTY OF THE JEWISH MAFIA. Anyone who would speak the truth would immediately be out of a job.

When a society is lied to, imprisoned, harassed and threatened, it means that the government has something to hide, and it can’t be good.

NATURE is misused as a hanger to convince people that the environment is endangered and threatened by them. Fact is that these stories are – as always – large-scale MEDIA CAMPAIGNS, which are beaten down properly into the brains of the people. There is no threatening global warming, CO2 can never be harmful in the environment, even if it would be higher (but in fact the opposite is the case).
Example ozone-hole: After a few years the problem quietly disappeared and the issue was settled. All deception! There, where nature is ACTUALLY destroyed, it happens by the SAME people, who want to give us a bad conscience.

FOOD is an important point. Via food and water – substances and drugs can very easily be transported into the body. This is also the main reason why the food industry seeks monopoly and why genetically modified (or modiFYING) foods are produced. It’s not just about money. It is about control.

About the EDUCATION all coming generations, from birth, are to be subjected to a permanent brainwashing. The state must take away the children from the parents as EARLY as possible, in order to be able to INDOCTRINATE the children in the crucial first years of life. In England the children are enrolled in school in the 4th year of life, kindergarten takes place in the 2nd and 3rd year of life. So the mother hardly plays a role and the state, MARXIST CONTROL over the children is thus perfect.

Who wants to educate his child sensibly should send it only with 5 years in a kindergarten and with 6 years in school. A STATE, which does not want this, is FAMILY-HOSTILE. But they will surely find propaganda means to convince the mothers otherwise.

Don’t let your kids educate YOU – they don’t know a thing except the lies they’re being told in school!

I have also noticed that in the media more and more a lifestyle is propagated which is strongly focused on ESOTERICS, YOGA and MEDITATION. A few decades ago these movements had a niche existence. The reason that all this is so strongly supported is simply that such people can be much better controlled. They are made to believe that if they focus on themselves, they can accomplish anything.

But the OPPOSITE is true! They end up standing there completely alone and realize that they can’t do anything. I have met quite a few of these people and have found that they are basically disoriented people, without faith and without true values, who WANT to believe that these practices will help them. But if there are problems or government repression, these people collapse LIKE A CARD HOUSE and dutifully follow the oppressors.

These meditation practices are insubstantial and are mainly meant to appeal to women and make them feel good. The Zionists promote such „harmless“ movements, as they have promoted feminism, because it serves their goals and they always seek to destroy or distort strong communities, such as Christianity, because it is contrary to their goals – a JEWISH WORLD DOMINATION.

A STRONG COMMUNITY exists only in homogeneous CHRISTIANITY, which must also be read and interpreted correctly. The Jews want to control the world. The greed for money, the Talmudic delusion of control and the envy on homogeneous nations drives them. They are also not the chosen people, but a mixed race from Asia.

If all this is NOT stopped, our descendants will experience a very, VERY long time of repression!

Many different nations are the guarantor for a stable, diverse world (as long as Zionists do not start wars!).

ONE-WORLD ORDER is equal to a SCYTHE that wants to make everybody equal and control them, except the elitist layer, AS IN MARXISM.

Just one more thing: THESE PEOPLE are 100% our ENEMIES and MUST BE FOUGHT!


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