Just claim that there was something so small, you can not see it, but it would make you sick. Very clever!

Since in the winter empirically more people fall ill than in other seasons, one just has to invent a „VIRUS“ and in addition a suitable antidote – the VACCINATION.

The fact that some people fall ill in spite of the vaccination, and some because of the vaccination is not noticed. Still others, who are not vaccinated, remain in good health – but this is not mentioned in the media. The scientists concentrate on the ill ones and simply claim that the virus is to blame.

The pharmaceutical industry is unhappy. Years of scaremongering just is not working. Far too few people, they believe, are getting vaccinated, while much more money could be made from this idea. What now?

Couldn’t we simply force these recalcitrant vaccine-refusers to be vaccinated, and to be vaccinated regularly – worldwide, if possible?

To do this, one would first have to get all the governments of the world excited about this idea – preferably by bribery, threats, blackmail, infiltration and so forth. That takes time. Decades!

But finally it is done, and now a large-scale, long-term media campaign is launched, a continuous fire of propaganda, scaremongering, threats, coercion, punishments, lies and half-truths – until the people are so confused, fearful and will-less that they gladly believe and accept everything.


Folks, don’t get your kids vaccinated or yourselves – EVER! Nature itself brings enough to ensure a healthy body. Vaccinations do just the opposite – the ONLY purpose of „vaccinations“ is to weaken the body and make it sick. The ONLY reason for diseases is, that people are vaccinated and therefore will eventually get the disease already INCLUDED IN THE VACCINATION ITSELF.

COVID-19 is a global LIE CAMPAIGN, which is supposed to make people believe that a dangerous disease is threatening us. No one has fallen ill with it and no one has died from it. Viruses? HIV? Swine and bird flu, Polio, BSE, Ebola? It is all fraud!

Why does autism exist, for example, and since when? Since widespread vaccination programs were first introduced in the 1950s. BEFORE THAT, AUTISM WAS VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN. With the expansion and intensification of vaccinations, the number of diseases also increased exorbitantly.

There are and were physicians and scientists who pronounced this. They were ignored or ridiculed by the media, their careers destroyed and worse!
Whoever breaks away, is replaced! Whoever complies, makes a career and is rewarded!

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