Rabbi: „Difference between Jews and Gentiles“ (video)

Rabbi Yosef MIZRACHI

The word in Isaiah 40:15 does in fact mean NATION“ or „PEOPLE“ in Hebrew in general.

For comparison, the quote in Genesis 25:23, where it says:

„… two nations (or ‚peoples‘) are in thy womb“ when Rebekah is pregnant with Jacob and Esau.

In Genesis 25:23 the Hebrew word is the same word that this Rabbi quotes in Isaiah 40:15.

According to this translation and the Rabbi’s definition, both – Jacob and Esau – would have to be Goyem (non-Jews)! But the Jews claim to be descendants of Jacob.

You can see how these Jews have to lie (even at themselves!) all the time to keep up the pretense that they are the chosen people.

The TRUTH is – they are not descendants of Jacob. Some Jews are indeed descendants of Esau – rejected by God. They are no longer Hebrews since they accepted the Talmud in Babylon and mixed themselves with other peoples.

Most Jews are Ashkenazi (about 90%) and are descended from the Kazars, a warlike people who had nothing to do with the Israelites people but simply adopted the Jewish religion and had no other connection to Israel. Today this people is known as Zionist Jewry, a financial mafia and a mixed race!

The true descendants are a part of those who emigrated (fled) to Europe at that time and shaped the European people with their descendants. The Jews know this – therefore this hate on the white descendants of Jacob – us!

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