The Iron Mountain report (video + pdf)

The Iron Mountain Report

There is a GOVERNMENT STUDY of the USA – a report from the early 1960’s, the „IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT“, which was made public by one of the people involved at that time, and shows that even then, in outline, many things were thought of which are being realized today. Like always such reports are ridiculed as satire or hoax like they called „1984“ or „Brave New World“ a parody.

Below is a BRIEF EXTRACT from the summary and from the recommendations of the original report, plus the PDF-LINK of the report that was published in 1966). The report is easily found on the Internet. (Notes in parentheses are inserted by me):


(1) New institutions must be developed in the permanent absence of war to effectively CONTROL the socially destructive segments of societies.

(2) To adapt the physical and psychological dynamics of human behavior to the requirements of social organization, a credible substitute for war must CREATE a pervasive and easily understood FEAR OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION.

a) Create a ubiquitous, virtually omnipotent INTERNATIONAL POLICE GROUP.

b) An ETABLED and RECOGNIZED THREAT (viruses, CO2, global warming, etc.).

c) CREATE massive global ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION (chemtrails, forest fires, media concentrated references to environmental degradation).

d) FICTIONAL, ALTERNATIVE ENEMIES (terrorists, supposedly hostile countries, nationalists, viruses, etc. or bringing ACTUAL ENEMIES into the country (invaders from Africa and Asia)

e) A modern, sophisticated form of slavery (masks prepare for this).

f) Create NEW RELIGIONS(!) or other mytholologie (or manipulation of religion)

g) Socially oriented BLOOD GAMES.

h) A comprehensive program of applied eugenics (vaccinations!).

The implied intermediate step – total control of conception via water supply or food is already (1963) under development.


We propose the establishment of a permanent WAR/PEACE research agency.

This agency

(a) Will be provided with unaccountable funds sufficient to implement its responsibilities and decisions as it sees fit,

(b) will have the authority to make full use of all agencies of the executive branch of the government in the pursuit of its objectives.

Its powers expressly include the unfettered right to withhold information about its activities and decisions from anyone except the President if he believes such secrecy is in the public interest (note: world dictatorship).


Determining the minimum and optimum levels of destruction of LIFE, PROPERTY, and NATURAL RESOURCES as a prerequisite for credibility of the external threat essential to the political and motivational functions …

… to achieve a desired level of internal political authority and social affiliation …

… the factors to be determined must include frequency of occurrence, length of phase, INTENSITY of physical destruction, extent of geographic involvement, and OPTIMAL LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE …

It is essential that the agency be established without a time limit (Note: Endless War on the people).

PDF of the leaked report

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