9 Wars/conflicts from a different point of view

Selection of some important wars and conflicts aside from the two World Wars, compiled, edited and subtitled (and arranged chronologically as best as possible) from the documentary „The Secret Masonic Victory of WW 2″.

The link to the entire documentary by Denis Wise (download possible): https://archive.org/details/the-secret-masonic-victory-of-world-war-ii

The hostility, especially against independence efforts, against the Church and the population in general is striking and runs like a golden thread through the decades and even centuries. In the background there are always Zionists and Freemasons directing and controlling their communist puppets and the masses.

Intro: French Revolution 1789

Boers War 1899-1902

Irish Rebellion 1916-22

Bolshevik Revolution 1917

German Revolution 1918

Attack on Poland 1920

The Cristeros Rebellion 1926-29

Ukraine/Holodomor 1929-33

Spanish Civil War 1936-39

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