Warning of the New World Order

The video contains information about the United Nations and it’s plan (at the behest of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) to put the world in a state of bondage.

Now, that Sebastian Kurz – the stooge of the UN and the WHO – has been crushed under the oppressiveness of the Corona-lies, Freemason Alexander von Schallenberg is taking over for now the h. c. Federal Chancellor title in Austria. Honorary – because in the meantime the United Nations determines Austria’s politics to 99%.

One of his ancestors, Leopold Christoph count of Schallenberg, was already a freemason.

From 1720 to 1803 the castle Rosenau (Lower Austria) was in the possession of the family. Leopold Christoph von Schallenberg had it rebuilt in baroque style and established in it, among other things, a freemason-lodge.

There can hardly be any doubt that Alexander von Schallenberg is also a freemason. The coat of arms of the family shows a red, growing(!), crowned lion (symbol of world-communism).



There is the Austrian Masonic Museum at Rosenau Castle and coincidentally the 150th anniversary of Freemasonry in 2021. The lodge „Humanitas“ seems to play a special role in the history of the Freemasons of Austria.

The Latin text on the medal „LATOMIAE IN AUSTRIA REGENERATRIX,“ in German: „Freemasonry in Austria reawakened.“

‚Reawakened‘ because Adolf Hitler had all Masonic Lodges disbanded and prohibited (even the Thule Society). For humanitarian aid Hitler created other organizations – freemasonry was not necessary.

Remember: the Zionists turn good into evil, lie into truth, reason into irrationality and vice versa. All out of malicious calculation!

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was also admitted to the Lodge „Humanitas“ in 1922 (the word „Humanitas“ has little to do with humanity, it is just a cover).

His Pan-European ideas are considered the origin of the idea of a European Union and were supported by the Grand Lodge.

He wrote the „Pan-European Manifesto“ in which he calls for the destruction of nations, the ABOLITION OF DIVERSITY, as well as advocates the world domination of Judaism.

„The Pan-European Manifesto“ by R. C. Kalergi (1923) – Excerpt

What this means for the world, I do not need to explain here probably largely. Only so much: „Zionist terror, of course!“

Freemasons are high traitors. Their goal is a New World Order, in which they hope to enjoy highest privileges and seek to determine what has to happen with the rest of mankind.

It is necessary to know that Masonic societies often outwardly disguise themselves as humanitarian, social associations, but their goals are exactly the opposite, namely oppression, subjugation and paternalism of the population of the world.

The Italian Mafia also supported the poor population. This was a tactic to buy sympathy and, if necessary, to be able to expect passive help from the population, such as silence, looking the other way, hiding persons, etc.

AGAIN: All Freemasons of a higher degree have one thing in common as a goal: „The totalitarian world domination under the rule of Zionism!“ Zionism is the story of lies, deceit, destruction, murder, greed.
They will never stop doing it, even when they are in power – because it is THEIR NATURE.

This is a COMPLETE (chronological) LIST OF ATTEMPTED JEWISH EXPULSIONS during the last 2000 years. Only because of corrupt leaders they were let in the countries again.

Schopenhauer: „Jews – Great masters in lying!“

(„Parerga and Paralipomena,“ chapter 15: ‚On Religion‘; paragraph 175; [mostly hidden behind a footnote].

The silent war against the population has already begun. Next to it will be the terror against resisters of the NWO. For this these people they want to introduce a „World Police“. What does it mean?

In the future police mercenaries from foreign countries will be sent to other countries for service, e.g. Arabs to Germany or Russians to Holland etc.  These armies won’t be here to protect you!

Transformation, by the way, can mean many things, e.g. from freedom TO slavery, from life TO death. Transformation is also the conditioning of children TO make them docile.

I know – and could observe it by myself – that YOU „International Leftists“ are confused because your own comrades imprison, subjugate and coerce you. Now you don’t want to admit that you have been taken for fools for decades.

Small hint: Communism has always been like this😘!

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