The Trans(A)genda

The Trans-Agenda is another part of the plan to destroy the identity of individuals and turn people into a herd of cattle.

It has been pushed, enforced and promoted by the Jews – and ONLY by the Jews – in Hollywood for decades to confuse people about their identity to the point of self-denial. It is a strategy to destroy a reasonable world order and replace it with a world of enforced, despotic disarray!

This agenda has been carefully planned. Degenerate or egomaniacal celebrities are used to cloud the brains of juveniles and young adults. These people (the celebrities) are pawns in the hands of the powerful.

Transgender and LGBT people are a big part of this! It is a strategy. People don’t think this through to the end. It’s not a fun issue. It’s a serious threat to any society! It’s not a positive transformation either.

It's an assault on sanity!
The Trans(A)genda

Other ways and means to destroy people’s identity are

  • to abolish borders and nations (the Jews „own“ the world; they never had a real homeland, so they don’t need a border or a nation. Yet … they will still keep Israel as their home base anyway);
  • to abolish religion and traditions (except Judaism, the memory of the Babylonian captivity and their own rules and festivals like ‚Purim‘);
  • to erase any ethnic and cultural heritage from our memory and to destroy the idea of family (unthinkable for Jews);
  • to promote the mixing of races to the point of indistinguishability; (note: most Jews themselves avoid mixing unless they derive a very great benefit from it);
  • to keep people under control by certain – mostly oppressive – measures (so that the Jews can have the world all to themselves);
  • to feed people Netflix and other opium to keep them quiet and thus avoid rebellion;
  • to destroy the small businesses of the middle class, for the purpose of exerting influence on production of goods and food via large corporations (it’s about manipulation of food and drinking water, not about profit!);
  • and many more;

Politicians and people in power will do nothing to stop this because they have been promised privileges in return.

Unfortunately, many people are still in the dark. Phrases and words can have different meanings. Many people are not able to see the connections because they rely on the „fact twisters“ in the media, paid for by the governments, who mislead people.

You have to know who these people are and where they come from. You have to learn to understand their ways of thinking, then you will recognize their goals.

Zionists and their stooges are the enemies of the free world!

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