Bitcoin: a weapon against the New World Order


is the only weapon that can stop the Zionist World Order because – unlike all other cryptocurrencies – it allows NO manipulation. No government, no lobby equipped with money, weapons or whatever can ever change this data.

Bitcoin was developed under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in late 2008.

In 2014, Julian Assange explained that the most important function of Bitcoin is the immutable timestamp, which ensures that messages are true and fixed for all time. This would finally put a stop to any kind of falsification of history by those in power.

Fact is that Bitcoin poses a serious threat to the financial elite and the banking system as a whole, which is why everything has since been done to keep this cryptocurrency down and not to promote it.

The assumption may be made that this elite supported the creation of all other known cryptocurrencies as a kind of smokescreen tactic, to divert attention from Bitcoin.

Indeed, Bitcoin as a world currency would collapse the banking system as a whole because there would be no need for banks anymore. The „City of London“ would collapse and the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and all the other financial criminals who seek a „New Jewish-Oligarchic Totalitarian World Order“ would go bankrupt.

The financial elite has already ordered to develope a CENTRAL Cryptocurrency, which they want to impose on the world, and which is to be introduced as the world’s only valid currency by 2030 at the latest.

This currency will be of course centrally controllable and thus arbitrarily manipulable! It would just be a continuation of the old scam in new clothes!

The economic world is called to knot a huge economical network which based on Bitcoin exclusively. If this does not happen within the next 5 years, then not only the independent middle class will perish, but the world population as a whole will end up in the hands of the Zionist mafia and then it will actually become the "herd of cattle" of which the Talmud Jews have always called it!


All the major commodity chains in the world have different names – but are owned by a few large corporations who seek the food monopoly so that they can exert control over the people.

Food and drinking water can only be effectively manipulated (e.g. spiked with drugs) if it is centrally controlled. This is exactly the huge problem. The central control. If you open your eyes, you will see how centralism is getting stronger and stronger (e.g. in the media).

Bitcoin is decentralized

In a system with centralized power, as the elites aspire to (Rockefeller memo 2010: „Top-down Government“), manipulation can be forever obscured. The answer to this brief must be: „Disempower the Financial Elite!“ Thus, a decentralized system must be applied.

In the Bitcoin system, there is no centralized power; it operates through so-called „nodes“ within a distributed computer network. A node is also itself a computer connected to many other computers.Whoever wants to stop Bitcoin would have to be a world-ruler (attention – NWO!) because he should be able to deactivate the computers in every country worldwide or alternatively to suppress the population massively.

Public Blockchain

A blockchain is a chain of data blocks. Only Bitcoin’s true decentralized public blockchain can be trusted. A public blockchain, unlike a private blockchain, cannot be tampered with.

Open Source

The computer source code is always „open source“, which means it is always public. Such software can be checked for malware by anyone. If governments or other criminals want to attack or tamper with the Bitcoin blockchain, they will fail to do so because they cannot locate the many nodes, each of which stores the whole truth.

You are the bank

With Bitcoin everyone is his/her own bank. No one has to interpose for transactions anymore. Accounts can no longer be cancelled by any bank. Speculations and fraudulent bank transactions – which only bring harm to the people – would be eliminated.

Also currency fluctuation which Bitcoin still shows today – as a result of the low use as a means of payment in economy – would be eliminated quickly if introduced worldwide as a single currency.

Bitcoins cannot be counterfeited. Each Bitcoin exists only once.


The claim that Bitcoin would open the door to crime is a fairy tale and a typical disinformation spread by the usual suspects – you know who – and freedom haters. The opposite is true! All transactions are transparent.

In the „public ledger“, all transactions are stored chronologically, from the first transaction to the current one.

The use of Bitcoin is not anonymous, but only pseudonymous, i.e. it is possible to identify the respective participants and to prove every transaction without gaps, if desired – even to the Rockefellers – and they, of course, do not want to allow that.

The history of every single transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain is unalterably fixed. Exactly how this works can be found in the basic books on Bitcoin.

Only in real decentralized systems is the data really safe, because it cannot be hacked or manipulated. The Bitcoin blockchain has certainly been attacked many times in the meantime but so far no one has managed to break in.

Bitcoin is a real threat to the banking world, here are two hysterical reactions:

Deutsche Bank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele (2017):

„Bitcoin is a medium of exchange NOT issued by a central bank. I do NOT see it as a currency.“

Head of J.P. Morgan said in September 2017 that

„Bitcoin is fraud and it will all collapse.“ He also said he would „fire any employee“ who traded Bitcoin.

Whether it is a currency or not is determined by the people – not by a Rothschild stooge – and it is certainly not a scam – but the opposite! By the way, every currency is also a medium of exchange.

Bitcoins are safe since you can answer the following points with „Yes“:

  • Is it a public blockchain?
  • Is the source code public?
  • Is it a 100% decentralized system?
Make sure that only you own the Private Key. Always!

In 1944, George Orwell wrote of his concerns that history is written by victors: "But if the sort of world - that I am afraid of - arrives, two and two could become five."

We must act while there is still time!

Everyone should read a basic book about Bitcoin, before looking for information on the Internet – which is not always to be trusted.

Links – Basic Bitcoin Book example, including the different formats and a version in english language as well.

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