Who instigated both World Wars? (Video+audio)

Benjamin H. Freedman (3rd from left)

Benjamin Freedman (1890-1984) was himself a Zionist Jew and businessman, and maintained political contacts all the way to the White House. He was present in Versailles when the so-called peace treaty was signed there in 1919 and he had access to all Zionist organizations.

After World War II, Freedman turned away from Zionism and Judaism, converted to Christianity, and began to warn the world about Zionism.

So, here is an excerpt from his speech of about 88 minutes at the Willard Hotel (USA) in 1961.

How the Jews instigated both World Wars

Also, Freedman explains the „Origin of the Jews“ in my post „The Greater Israel Project“ in the category „NWO/Zionism“ on this website.

Benjamin Freedman’s original speech on LP-record at the Willard Hotel in 1961 (1h, 28 minutes)

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