„OWNING THE WEATHER in 2025“ (document and video)

In 1996, specialists in the US military produced a study entitled „Owning the Weather in 2025“. About the dangers which the production of artificial weather holds, one can make oneself a picture by the following report. I point out a few passages from the rather technical report below. The original document can be downloaded here: […]


In recent years, I have noticed that in politics (together with the media) people often use phrases, trendy words and buzzwords, and I would like to warn against adopting them without thinking. Recently I read again a word without meaning: „Climate Neutrality“ (in connection with CO2). The word is a pure propaganda creation without sense […]

Directed Energy weapons (pdf-list)

List with about 90 inventions to harm people and 5 for the benefit of people Example Patent NumberUS 8194822 B2  Filing date28-Sep/10  Published5-Jun/12 Invented byPeter Rothschild, Jeffrey Schubert, Richard Schueller Original AssigneeAmerican Science And Engineering DescriptionInc.X-ray inspection device that can sense the presence of humans within a structure