9 Wars/conflicts from a different point of view

Selection of some important wars and conflicts aside from the two World Wars, compiled, edited and subtitled (and arranged chronologically as best as possible) from the documentary „The Secret Masonic Victory of WW 2″. The link to the entire documentary by Denis Wise (download possible): https://archive.org/details/the-secret-masonic-victory-of-world-war-ii The hostility, especially against independence efforts, against the Church […]

The United Nations (UN)

The Communist-Zionist United Nations was designed from its inception to subvert the national policies of sovereign Nations and secretly impose world tyranny on the peoples through the back door. Goals of the Zionist World Order FREEMASONRY (mafia-style, occult secret societies) are present in every town (example below). They are an essential part of politics and […]

The Iron Mountain report (video + pdf)

There is a GOVERNMENT STUDY of the USA – a report from the early 1960’s, the „IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT“, which was made public by one of the people involved at that time, and shows that even then, in outline, many things were thought of which are being realized today. Like always such reports are ridiculed […]

9/11 – A zionist Coup (video+audio)

A short video about the 5 dancing Israeli’s and some not so well known background information about 9/11. This is an edited excerpt from the 9-part-documentation „In The Name Of Zion“ which I highly recommend. Each part is focussed on a different topic of the Zionist agenda. Unfortunately I don’t have the needed upload-space at […]

The Greater Israel Project (3 videos)

The Greater Israel Project The Greater Israel Project is a plan by the Zionist Jews to accomplish world domination by force and deception. Who are the Khazars? Benjamin Freedman was a former Zionist Jew who converted to Christianity. He was involved in politics on top- level and also present when the Treaty of Versailles after […]