Defenders of their nations (video)

Between the years 1919 and 1939 there were brave leaders – some are almost forgotten – who fought to defend their Nations against the Red Terror. This encouraging video shows what would also be necessary today to defend our freedom. This is an excerpt from the documentation Europa – The Last Battle“. For the link […]

Zionist Psychopaths rule the World (video)

Proof enough about the intentions of the Zionists. They stick to this plan until this day. The „Final Solution“ for the White (not only) Europeans! This video is made of excerpts of the documentation „Europa – The Last Battle“. For the link to the full documentation (without subtitles) go to the category „Documentaton Series“.

Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961

I want to ask everybody to listen to the speech of Benjamin Freedman. You will hardly find anybody who has/had so much inside knowledge as Mr. Freedman. Benjamin Freedom speaks about how the Zionists wangled Palestine, how they instigated the second World War and the threat that poses Zionism for the future. Short indroduction + […]