The silent war

WE ARE AT WAR! It is a SILENT WAR against the world population, ordered by the Jewish banking elite (Zionists), supported by many of their helpers, stooges and puppets all over the world – the ENEMY WITHIN. They sit in important places in politics, economy, military, science, media, education, judiciary, executive, etc. and they make […]


Just claim that there was something so small, you can not see it, but it would make you sick. Very clever! Since in the winter empirically more people fall ill than in other seasons, one just has to invent a „VIRUS“ and in addition a suitable antidote – the VACCINATION. The fact that some people […]

2 Books which I recommend

ADOLF HITLER „MEIN KAMPF“ (eng.) Vol. 1 (1925) and Vol. 2 (1927) – very powerful and detailled read about the situation after WW1. In several chapters AH vividly describes the rise of a 7-men-party to a European force. Unbelievable! No wonder jews don’t want you to read it. 99% of it is straight to the […]


Let us explain a few misconceptions to you: 1. NATIONAL “SOCIALISM” 2. HOLOCAUST AND ANTI-SEMITISM 3. ORGANIC COMMUNITY 4. WORLD CONQUEST 5. BOLSHEVISM 1. NATIONAL SOCIALISM IS NOT AN    ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY The “Socialism” component is not related to Marxism, but rather it stems from Oswald Spenglers “Prussian Socialism”. Prussian Socialism is opposed to both Capitalism […]