Document by the Australian Government -Vaccine a poison (+comment🤔) My Comment: „Their Strategy“ Around the first „vaccination“, which is probably a diversion, a giant theater is made – intentionally – to lull the people into security. It is to be seized first a statistics, in order to judge and sort out the people after certain criteria. With the following vaccination actions, in my […]

Secret operation in 2014: WHO and Unicef wanted to sterilize millions of women

November 13, 2014 Kenya, Nairobi: WHO and UNICEF wanted to secretly forcibly sterilize more than two million women in Kenya without the affected women knowing anything about it. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the alleged children’s relief organization UNICEF pushed an anti-tetanus program in the East African country. Under the pretext of protecting women […]

How many bacteria live in the human body?

Below a very reasonable report. People, who have been educated by the pharmaceutical industry to be „Germophobes“, should read carefully! I translated it into English😉 TRANSLATION: „Our Body – More Bacterium Than Human? Whether at work, during sports, shopping or even in the shower – we are never alone: Trillions of bacteria and fungi […]